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I’i Tigo Maka Hokua

$725.00 USD

The eye of a tiger is sharp, precise, and alluring. The crest of the wave is the soft gentle effervescence at the height of a powerful surge, holding the darkest of the deep waters and the lightest light of the sun, lifting up infinitely!

This pendant captures the natural allure of a tiger’s combined with the essence of the peaks of waves, and the sentiment of amazement. Adorned with freshwater pearl, and sunlit citrine. 

Tiger’s eye: self confidence 

Approximately 12mm x 12mm

LFO= left facing open

RFO= right facing open

I’i (petite)

Tigo ( tiger)

Maka (eye)

hokua  n. crest of a wave. also hokua o ka nalu, hokua o ka ʻale. cf. honua.