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Artistically Engineering the Earth’s Treasure into Hand-Crafted Wearable Art



The Earth’s Treasure

Yasha, which means guardian of the earth’s treasure is a captivating jewelry artist with inimitable artistic style. Her precious rare and natural gemstones wearable for luxury, leisure, professional and special events are timeless and exclusive for the modern day artisan women who knows the difference between common and exquisite. Her combinations of precious and one-of –a-kind natural gemstones artistically mixed with gold and silver have received increasing demand since 2014.

Artistic Intelligence

Yasha, aka Dr. Joie Taylor, earned a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from Cornell University and a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Clark Atlanta University. A modern day renaissance woman, she is both creative and analytical.  Her avid love for the arts as well as her technical background in engineering is a common thread that influences all of her exceptionally crafted structural and deco pieces. Elements of dance are present in graceful rounded forms of art pendants, while her life as a performing musician are obvious in her stage pieces and more rhythmic textured designs.  


As an apprentice, Yasha strives to continually acquire knowledge to further advance her skill and maintain exceptional quality, as she both hand-makes and designs her product. She learned metal smiting at the Hui Noeu Arts and Craft school. This attention to detail not only makes her jewelry cutting-edge but masterfully innovative.

Wearable Art

Yasha specializes in eye-catching color schemes that reflect the extraordinary beauty of the Earth’s natural landscape. Yasha believes that jewelry should embolden your canvas and accentuate your natural palette. Every piece should be uniquely and thoughtfully crafted to reflect your individual and unrivaled beauty.