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Elau Hokua

$1,200.00 USD

The crest of the wave is the soft gentle effervescence at the height of a powerful surge, holding the darkest of the deep waters and the lightest light of the sun, lifting up infinitely! The tops of all trees bliss with joy!

This pendant blends the peaks of trees and crest of waves with a beautiful center gemstone of moss agate, surrounded by a wave of white and green sapphire, peridot, and Tahitian Pearl. 

Statement sized.

Approximately 25mm  x 25mm

hokua₂  n. tip of high waves, crest.

hokua  n. crest of a wave. also hokua o ka nalu, hokua o ka ʻale. cf. honua.

hokua₃  vt. to lift up.

Tip of tree, ēlau.

Moss Agate: grounding, balancing work and home, calming, assists gardening and agriculture.