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Black Panther

$9,000.00 USD

The black panther symbolize our strongest inner resources that get us through difficult times in our lives.

True power is rooted in the awareness of self worth! The by product of this realization is respect. Any action made with this awareness positively affects the entire world, and does so independent of wealth or political stature. The most effective people existing on the planet have made significant change remaining centered in self respect, value, and glory.

A panther describes the largest cat of all felines. The presence of melanin makes the panther black, and powerful even in the darkest night. We must know that the black panther is aware of its intelligence, rarity, beauty and significance.  

Inside each of us is the wisdom that the best things can happen while sitting patiently and silently merging with the night, waiting for the right moment, and moving with right action and precision.

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White gold with black and white diamonds 
White gold with black spinel and white diamonds 
Sterling silver with Swarovski crystal 

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