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Aiwaiwa Hokua

$1,500.00 USD

The crest of the wave is the soft gentle effervescence at the height of a powerful surge, holding the darkest of the deep waters and the lightest light of the sun, lifting up infinitely!

This pendant captures the mystic essence of the peaks of waves, and the sentiment of amazement. The labradorite center gemstone reflects an array of watery, fiery color and is surrounded by sapphire and black diamond, accented with a beautiful Tahitian pearl. A statement size.

Approximately 35mm x 35mm


vs. Inexplicable, mysterious, marvelous, strange, amazing, fantastic, fathomless, incomprehensible, wonderful because of divinity; wonderfully proficient or skilled; weirdly bad, notorious. See ex., kapolakā. hoʻā.iwa.iwa Mystifying, causing wonder; to mystify.

hokua₂  n. tip of high waves, crest. see ex. hamohamo.

hokua  n. crest of a wave. also hokua o ka nalu, hokua o ka ʻale. cf. honua.